List of Vocational Courses Considered for Introduction

at 10+2 and VIII+ Level


**10+2 H.S Courses (Elective)

VIII+ Short Term Courses

a)       Medical Laboratory Technology

b)       Maintenance of Medical Equipment

c)       Physiotherapy Technician

a)       Blood Collection Assistant

b)       ECG Operator

c)       X-ray Operator

d)       Health Worker


**10+2 H.S Courses(Elective)

VIII+ Short Term Courses

 a) Civil Construction & Maintenance Technology

 b) Maintenance & Repair of Electrical Domestic Appliances

c) Consumer & Industrial Electronics Mechanics

d) Automobile Mechanics

e) Air-Conditioner & Refrigerator Mechanic

 f) Rural Engineering & Technology

 g) Computer Assembly & Maintenance

 h) Computer Application

 i) IT Enabled Services

  j) Leather Bleaching, Dyeing & Finishing

  k) Rural Energy & Management

  l) Maintenance of Jute Machinery

  m) Maintenance of Cotton Machinery

 a) Amin Survey

 b) Electrical House Wiring & Motor Winding

 c) Servicing of Domestic Electronics Products

d) 2/3 Wheeler Mechanic

e) Auto Electrician

 f) Automobile Chassis Painting & Maintenance

g) Diesel Pump-set Repairing

 h) Rural Sanitation & Sanitary Plumbing

i) Mechanic Rural Electrification

j) Mechanic Non-Conventional Electrification

k) Photography

l) Videography

m) Manufacture of Jute Products

n) Plumbing

o) Wooden Furniture Making

p) Telephone & Mobile Set Repairing




**10+2 H.S Courses (Elective)

VIII+ Short Term Courses

   a) Pisciculture

   b) Horticulture

   c) Crop Production

   d) Poultry Farming

   e) Farm Mechanic

   f) Dairy Farming

   g) Sericulture

a) Marine Fisheries

b) Ornamental Fish Culture

c) Agriculture Implements Mechanic

d) Mushroom Cultivation

e) Vermi composting




**10+2 H.S Courses (Elective)

VIII+ Short Term Courses

  a) Fruit Preservation & Processing

   b) Health Care & Beauty Culture

   c) Interior Decoration

  d) Fashion Designing

   e) Textile Designing

   f) Nutrition & Dietician

   g) Hospital Documentation & Record Keeping

   h) Garment Design

a) Tailoring

b) Commercial Art

c) Manufacture of Jam, Jelly, & Pickles

d) Silk Screen Printing

e) Creche Management

f) Jari Work & Kantha Embroidery

g) Toy Making (Clay, Ceramic, Soft)

h) Interior Decoration



**10+2 H.S Courses(Elective)

VIII+ Short Term Courses

a) Insurance Assistant

b) Taxation Practices

c) Library Information Science

d) Marketing & Salesmanship

e) Travel & Tourism

f) Packaging

g) Secretarial Practice

a) Rural Marketing

b) Transport Service

c) Packaging

d) Marketing

** In Higher secondary(X+2) Vocational Courses the students will study in one of the Vocational area as mentioned above in left column against each discipline in addition to Generic & Other Subjects of the respective Discipline